Simbisana Rhino Trust

8 March 2020


Over the last five years commercial poaching of rhino has escalated to unsustainable levels. Poachers are killing black and white rhinos at a rapid rate all in an effort to sell their horns illegally on the black market.


The wildlife rangers put their lives on the line to protect our precious rhinos and organisations such as Simbisana Rhino Trust are one of the many out there that are doing such amazing work.


Machinery Exchange is tremendously proud and honoured to support their cause in any way possible; and would like to thank the entire team at Simbisana Rhino Trust for their tireless efforts aimed at protecting the rhinos on a daily basis. We received a heartfelt note from the trust:


“Simbisana Trust is so grateful for the monthly support of Machinery Exchange that has had a direct effect on the morale of our men. These wildlife rangers diligently guard our country’s wildlife heritage, specifically the highly threatened species. Despite physical threats to the rangers and that of the animals, the men provide a continual shield of protection from poaching on a daily basis. When one of our rangers was seriously attacked by a wild animal, Machinery Exchange was there to directly offer support to him and his family in hospital. Additionally, through monthly gifts, Machinery Exchange has been a wonderful supporter of these brave men. It is always a joy to drop off the rations and veggies for them and see how it lifts their spirits. They know that the gifts have come directly from Machinery Exchange and they appreciated the video that Brendan Reilly sent in which he acknowledged their behind-the-scenes efforts.


Thank you so very much from us all, for your meaningful support, You guys are the best! - Simbisana Rhino Trust.”


Many thanks to the Simbisana Rhino Trust team, their commitment and dedication is truly appreciated…

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